Standard Plus Report

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StandardPLUS Report

Our StandardPLUS Report contains the complete KYC information needed to comply with existing regulations and to ensure integrity. This Report is based on a Standard Report, with the addition of an Executive Summary. It also includes the sections Relevant News and Sensitive News.


The Executive Summary highlights the main information of the report and gives a general perspective on it.


The sections "Relevant News" and "Sensitive News" gather the occurrences of the researched subject in local and international media, and in our own set of archives. Although official information about legal proceedings and bankruptcies is not always public, these are often mentioned by journalists, hence the importance of conducting a media analysis.

This report includes

  • Commercial Registries
  • Financial Data
  • Legal Cases
  • Sanction Lists
  • Executive Summary
  • Relevant News
  • Sensitive News


Our Add-ons offer specific inquiries, deeper insights and "on site" researches to complete
your StandardPLUS Reports.

+ Background Check for Individuals and Companies On Quote

For individuals, this add-on provides a complete check of professional experience, education and CV. For companies, we ensure a check of the company's track record in term of achievements and projects.

+ Reputation Check On Quote

Global Risk Profile provides on site reputation check for both individuals and companies. The reputation of the subject will be discreetly controlled through sources located in its economic and administrative environment.