Enhanced Report

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Enhanced Report

Our Enhanced Report contains all the information included in the StandardPLUS Report, which is further expanded by an analysis of the interactions between the different entities that surround the subject company or individual. Extensive research is conducted on links between entities and individuals connected to the main subject.

This report includes

  • Commercial Registries
  • Financial Data
  • Legal Cases
  • Sanction Lists
  • Executive Summary
  • Relevant News
  • Sensitive News
  • Related Companies
  • Related Key Individuals


Our Add-ons offer specific inquiries, deeper insights and "on site" researches to complete
your Enhanced Reports.

+ Financial Check On Quote

Global Risk Profile provides a complete view of the subject's financial and fiscal situation, with all fortune, earnings and properties declared to the tax authorities of the country of residence. We also investigate for potential irregularities or violations when the researched company or individual is subject to specific financial regulation and/or legislation.

+ Background Check for Individuals and Companies On Quote

For individuals, this add-on provides a complete check of professional experience, education and CV. For companies, we ensure a check of the company's track record in term of achievements and projects.

+ Business Partners' Check On Quote

Global Risk Profile provides the client with the same type of control as mentioned in the Background Check for Individual and Companies on the main financial or business partners (up to three partners).

+ Reputation Check On Quote

Global Risk Profile provides on site reputation check for both individuals and companies. The reputation of the subject will be discreetly controlled through sources located in its economic and administrative environment.

+ Main Customers and Suppliers Check On Quote

Global Risk Profile retrieves all information about the customers, suppliers and partners of the subject through on site searches.

+ Plausibility Check On Quote

Global Risk Profile performs a plausibility check by analysing the information gathered during the production process of the Enhanced Report. Global Risk Profile compares the subject's specifics with similar cases to give an informed opinion about any irregularities or incoherencies.

+ Credit Check On Quote

Global Risk Profile provides a credit view of the target (individuals and companies), which includes the following information: level of debt (if not listed in the default service process), the amount of debts and creditors.

+ Original Commercial Register Check In Situ On Quote

Global Risk Profile ensures the validity of Commercial Register Data with an on site verification. When it is possible, certified copies of the local commercial register are provided.

+ On-Site Visit On Quote

Global Risk Profile performs an on site verification on the subject (individuals and companies) such as addresses, buildings and activities controls with a report and eventual pictures and notifications.

+ Criminal Risk Analysis On Quote

Global Risk Profile conducts an analysis regarding the criminal risks related to the subject. Such exogenous risks are examined through environmental, geographic or industry type parameters.