About Us

Money-Laundering. FraudCorruption. Companies worldwide have to deal with these increasingly complex threats. Contracting with a new supplier, welcoming assets from a new partner, opening new branches abroad or gaining new clients and markets are all situations hiding potential risks. Therefore, in-depth knowledge of customers, suppliers, and trading partners is essential for building a sound and stable business relationship.


Witnessing this paradigm shift, two investigation specialists decided to commit their career to Due Diligence by founding the company Global Risk Profile (GRP) ten years ago.


Now a leading company in this field, Global Risk Profile helps its clients to comply with regulations and efficiently mitigate business-related risks through state-of-the-art Due Diligence solutions. Our reports comprise all relevant legally available information on either a company or an individual, retrieved from thousands of sources at our disposal.


High standards of confidentiality, quality and transparency are only a few of our core values. We are proud to be an international reference in Investigative Due Diligence and, nowadays, the only specialists in Switzerland.