Who are you dealing with?Swiss accuracy at your sideTransparency is our best assetPut forward human intelligence
Who are you dealing with?Risks of all nature have increased widely. Emphasized by economic crisis and globalization, hazardous situations such as fraud, corruption or money laundering have become a major issue, urging economic actors to protect themselves.
Swiss accuracy at your sideOur location grants us a great proximity to both Swiss and European markets. Moreover, all our analysts, our infrastructures and our archives are kept safe in Switzerland, guaranteeing confidentiality and data protection to our clients.
Transparency is our best assetWe chose to break the wall of secrecy that usually surrounds the profession. As our job is to bring clarity, it makes perfect sense for us to be transparent about our processes, our pricing and our delivery conditions.
Put forward human intelligenceAs Investigative Due Diligence is our core business, Global Risk Profile is specially tailored for your needs. Our whole process puts forward human intelligence and brings you the most accurate information in the form of an easily implementable tool.

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